Connecting With Compassion
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Compassionate Couples

Compassionate Couples

This six-week course offers tools for connection with your partner using Compassionate Communication and The Way of Council These two systems of communication have the power to transform how you connect with yourself, your partner and your relationship.

Shoshana & Rick Wheeler will guide couples through a curriculum that teaches specific practices including:

  • practical everyday skills within a nonviolent philosophy
  • discovering what we do that disconnects us from our partner
  • learning to speak authentically without blaming or criticizing
  • learning to listen empathically to deeply understand our partner's perspective, without giving up your own.
Class dates and times not yet scheduled

Flesh & Spirit

Flesh & Spirit is a profound 3 day seminar for the committed couple seeking deeper love, intimacy, connection and communication.  It will transform how you relate to each other. 

Explore new territory in your intimate relationship with the support of a small group of couples. By participating in this weekend, we soon realize that we are not alone in the issues which arise in our relationship.  We find that we are gentle mirrors for each other.

In this seminar, we lead couples through the council process, where deep listening and heart-felt speaking combine to transform the relationship.  In mens, womens, and mixed circles, we will witness council, share dreams, and explore energetic awareness.  

Flesh & Spirit affirms the union of the sexual and the spiritual in committed relationships.  We honor the privacy of each couple and there is no nudity in the workshop.

The teachers of this course, Rich & Shoshana Wheeler and Rob & Kelila Heller,  are committed to the practice of Nonviolent Communication and the Way of Council to deepen and sustain their relationships.  They have studied under the tutelage of multiple teachers including the founders of the Flesh & Spirit process, Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless (as presented in their book Flesh & Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship).

In this 3 day retreat you will receive tools that:

Celebrate greater intimacy through being truly seen
     and heard

Engender respect and appreciation for your partner's
    path and choices as well as your own

*  Focus on heart connection

*  Help you understand relationship dynamics so that you
    are more able to respond rather than to react

*  Explore synergy as a couple where there is more
    support and energy for creativity without  compromising individuality

*  Bring vision, inspiration, and more aliveness into your
    intimate partnership

Seminar dates not yet determined


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